Solar Thermal

Our choice is always directed to the best technology and the best performance. For this reason we use European products where the level of technology for solar thermal systems is very high. These products are able to withstand weather's extremely difficult and provide performance levels considerably higher. 

The solar systems with natural circulation are not taken into consideration given their low yields and the inability to realize large plants.  The solar systems with forced circulation are able to recover energy from the sun even in difficult situations such as when the sky is cloudy, in fact sufficient only 6 ° C difference between the temperature of the panels and the fluid to be heated because the system starts running: unthinkable in the natural circulation systems.

With modern solar systems we are able to respond to all requests from small up to the largest residential solar system for hotels, lodges, hotels or for heating swimming pools or industrial processes.

All our systems have an efficient monitoring of all operating parameters, in any instant with a remote connection we are able to control the system, check temperatures, pressures and flows.  The system is also equipped with an efficient counter production of energy from the sun, this allows us to understand the potential of the solar system.  Our solar systems for hot water production are all forced circulation is controlled by an electronic control unit.

Our solar systems are designed for use in Europe, where the radiation reaches 800 Wmq./Year, achieving the same systems in Africa where the radiation can reach 2000 Wmq/year means using solar power to 100%