Solar Photovoltaic

Our choice for all solar photovoltaic and always directed to the best of technology and performance.  In our systems of production of electrical energy from the sun is given a particular care to the duration of the most expensive components.

For solar Off-Grid definitely the part to preserve more considering the high cost are the batteries. In our system the batteries can last up to 20 years.  These results are mainly achieved by using a new system of production of electrical energy. The heart of the system is a bidirectional inverter can create the bus at 230/415 Vac by a battery pack. A second inverter produces energy from the solar panels on the bus at 230/415 Vac.

This revolutionary system allows the use of the batteries during the night, saving on the size of the battery pack.  During the day, the energy produced by the photovoltaic field can be directly used by the loads and the excess energy is used to charge the batteries. Only at night the energy stored in the batteries is used by the loads.

All systems are designed with a remote control that allows us to monitor the facility 24h/24   365 days/year.